Times Radio 5x25mins

Heartlands takes listeners on a journey through Britain painting a picture of what work - in the shadow of heavy industry - looks like in 2022.

From the burgeoning film and TV industry in Glasgow, freeport workers in Tilbury and Amazon associates in Durham, we uncover which new industries are thriving and how working culture is evolving. 

Told through the lens of 5 young presenters: Sophie, Hugh, Macy, Charley and Che, this series explores youth employment and takes an unbiased snapshot of our post-industrial heartlands now.
Producers: Hunter Charlton & Ben Tulloh
Production Assistance: Anna Budd,  Guy Gardener and Tess Davidson
Exec Producer: Arlie Adlington

Artwork: Edd Wellesley-Davies

Produced by Burning Bright Audio for Times Radio