BBC RADIO 4 - 44mins

In Spring 2022, reports emerged of a series of unusual attacks on electrical equipment in a valley in West Yorkshire. Farm equipment, 5G towers and electrical substations were targeted and their circuitry destroyed. Nothing was stolen. The vandals caused power outages, they disrupted communication networks and affected the livelihoods of residents living in the town of Halifax.

The group became known locally as The Wire Cutters and their motives remain a mystery.

Leanne Best
John Biggins
Tom Lorcan
Georgina Sadler
Sid Sagar
Howard Ward

With special thanks to Dale Tutaj, Val Cross, Lucy Phelps and David Burnett

Production Co-ordinator - Lulu Wellford-Carroll
Sound Designer - Jon Nicholls
Original music - John Hartley
Director - Hunter Charlton, Luke MacGregor and Romesh Kishore
Executive Producer - David Hunter

A debut drama production by Burning Bright Audio for BBC Radio 4